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Puff Box Rechargeable Disposables | Puffbox

Puff Box Rechargeable Disposables made in the UK by JAC Vapour! The brand new disposable rechargeable Puff Box is simply indispensable!

The rechargeable, reusable Puff Box is friendly to the environment & cost effective.

Save over 50% compared to traditional disposable vapes and even more when switching from smoking, whilst reducing plastic and lithium battery waste.

Simply twist in a Puff Box Refill and vape. You can charge your Puff Box with any USB-C cable (sold separately).


Rechargeable & Reusable

Simply twist in your Pod Refill into the Puff Box

Inhale Activated

650 mAh long-life battery

USB-C Charging (Optional)

Device Contents

Device Colours : White , Teal and Yellow

1 x  Refill included (650 puffs) | Only 43p per 100 puffs

20mg Nicotine Salt for an incredibly smooth vape and fast acting nicotine hit

Optional Extras:

USB-C charging cable and/or additional refills (twin packs)

Order refills along with the Device for a total of 3 pods which is equivalent to 1950 puffs in 3 pods

Flavours | 20mg Nic Salt

Wings blast

Tangy, Citrus and sweet energy drink flavoured Puff Box Refill. Wings Blast is the ideal Puff Box refill when needing that zap of energy when clubbing, travelling or late night hustle sessions.

Mango Ice

A sweet and tangy mango with a refreshing menthol finish. Mango Ice is like sipping on a mango slushie, the perfectly fruity and refreshing Puff Box refill.

Pink Lemonade

Zesty, sweet lemonade with berries and an icy menthol finish. Pink Lemonade Puff Box Refill is so delicious and refreshing for any occasion, a great everyday vape.

Absolute Menthol

Bold and icy menthol blast. Absolute Menthol is an absolute classic vape, refreshing and clean, the perfect everyday Puff Box Refill.

Sunleaf tobacco

A warm, toasted tobacco with a lovely rounded smoky flavour. Sunleaf Tobacco is the perfect everyday tobacco Puff Box Refill, ideal for those transitioning from smoking to vaping.

Ki Berry

A fruity flavour experience, with undertones of Kiwi, Blueberry with a mild, cool blast to round off the flavour sensation. Ki Berry Cool Puff Box Refill is the fruity vape you crave.

Additional information


Device Colour

Brilliant White + 1 Pink Lemonade 20mg Refill, Totally Teal + 1 Wings Blast 20mg Refill, Vibrant Yellow + Mango Ice 20mg Refill, USB- C Charger Only

Extra Pack of Pods (2pcs)

No thanks, Wings Blast 20mg, Sunleaf Tobacco 20mg, Pink Lemonade 20mg, Mango Ice 20mg, Ki Berry 20mg

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