IQOS Mauve Wave Terea Tobacco Sticks


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IQOS Mauve Wave Terea Tobacco Sticks

The IQOS Mauve Wave Terea Tobacco Stick is a revolutionary set up that is a lower risk alternative to smoking, using tobacco instead of e-liquid. The device itself is sleek and compact, a charging/carrying case holds the IQOS stick which is used to heat IQOS ‘Terea Sticks‘, thus producing a cigarette like vapour as a result.

This unique ‘heat not burn’ technology significantly reduces the number of the harmful chemicals associated with cigarette smoke, while still giving the user the sensation of smoking.

For exclusive use with an IQOS ILUMA Device

Discover TEREA tobacco sticks, made exclusively for IQOS ILUMA heated tobacco device. Using the innovative SMARTCORE INDUCTION SYSTEM™, TEREA paired with IQOS ILUMA bring you next level heated tobacco experience with improved draw, taste consistency and less smell*, according to most consumers.

Each pack has 20 Tobacco Sticks


  • Mauve Wave Terea: The IQOS Mauve Wave Terea flavour is an aromatic blend that tantalises the senses. The Mauve Wave flavour is a combination of Fresh Tobacco (A smooth and smoky base), Crisp Menthol (a refreshing coolness) and Dark Forest Fruits and Berries (adds a unique berry aroma)A medium intensity from the IQOS Chart. The IQOS Mauve Wave Terea is a perfect balance for those who seek a light and combinative experience. A pleasant fusion of tobacco richness and fruity freshness.

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